27' Navy Whaler(s)

Balboa :: C26289NS :: 1957

Don Derbyshire :: C26321NS :: 1969

The term "whaleboat" properly describes boats used for hunting whales and has been applied to other boats of similar design and construction. Whaleboats are double-ended, light, open boats with a length of 27 to 31 feet and a beam approximately equal to 1/5th of the length. 


In the late 1800's, the whaleboat was the most widespread of all small craft in the world found in all oceans at all latitudes. The Montagu whaler was a design of small boats, designed by Admiral Montagu in the 1890s to replace a variety of smaller craft of other designs with one single, versatile craft. They were in use with the Royal Navy and associated navies such as the Royal Canadian Navy until the 1960s. Both of our Whalers, are from the Royal Canadian Navy and have had a full career in service of her Majesty's Navy.  


Our whalers are great sea-boats and can also go anywhere a kayak can. Propelled by sail, oar and motor, these boats are versatile platforms making great work-boats and sail training vessels.  

anchored whaleboat