Having sailed the world's oceans from the Canadian Arctic to Straits of Magellan, West Africa to Samoa; the place I prefer to hand, reef and steer is home on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. I have been taking people sailing in open whaleboats for the last 19 years and want to carry on in this tradition in the heart of the Eastern Shore Archipelago. Having spent the summer months over the last 9 years exploring these Islands, I have seen their popularity grow with the success of the #100wildislands campaign. My wish is to show people passionate about this wild place how we can enjoy it and at the same time leave it well alone; as the locals before us have done for decades

Matthew Foley

Having lived my entire life on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, I have developed a strong passion for the ocean and pride myself in being a well-rounded waterman. My eldest brother Matt introduced me to sailing and surfing at a very young age fostering safety-first approach on the water. He also helped to develop my appreciation and respect for the environment by exposing me to very nook and cranny along our wild and beautiful coastline. My wish is to share some of this 'wanderlust' with you all by doing exactly what my brother did to me --now let's sail!

Seth Foley