Matthew Foley

photo: Liam Colter w Great Earth Expeditions

Matthew served with the Canadian Coast Guard for 9 years including senior positions as Chief Officer and Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator at JRCC Halifax. Since 2014, he has been employed globally with IT International Telecom carrying out subsea construction and fibre optic cable installation and repair projects. His sailing career has taken him across the world's oceans from the Canadian Arctic to Strait of Magellan, West Africa to Samoa but the place he prefers to hand, reef and steer is home on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Matthew has been taking people sailing in open whaleboats for the last 20 years and continues to carry on in this tradition along the wild shores and scenic waterways of Nova Scotia. 

Isaac Foley

photo: Windansea

Isaac has sailed and worked the shores of Atlantic Canada for both leisure and work in all seasons for the last 8 years. A formidable waterman, Isaac has applied his cross-section of skills and training to the protection of our waters and environmental response.   

Seth Foley

photo: Pam Collins

Seth has sailed from the icy shores of Greenland to the tropical and arid coastlines of Guyana, 

Venezuela and Trinidad. Seth is a well-rounded waterman that has given up the land for a life afloat aboard a 32' Aloha sailboat that he shares with his partner Jordan.